Clarityse is a strategic consultancy, providing thoughtful & creative solutions to marketing challenges within the Pharma, self-care & vaping sectors. We create bespoke processes & solutions that are pragmatic and effective. We believe in consumer empowerment and self-care, with the individual making choices and behaviour changes to enhance their own and their family’s health and wellbeing.



Mark Dickinson brings a real breadth and depth of client-side experience to his consultancy, having worked for a major Blue Chip multinational (GSK) for over 15 years. His experience uniquely spans consumer, prescription and corporate brands, including the charity sector and Corporate Responsibility. He also co-owns a vape shop.

Mark has spent many years launching and building brands that involve significant behavioural change and which tap into a strong social & public health policy agenda (eg smoking control, weight loss).

In terms of Rx to OTC switches, Mark is one of those rare individuals who has worked on both the Rx and Consumer Healthcare side of the fence. More rarely still, he is one of the very few who have successfully navigated the EMA central regulatory process for a switch, having spearheaded the simultaneous, pan-European switch launch of alli across 25 countries.

Our associate network

While you will inevitably be working very closely with Mark personally, we have a network of partners (eg marketing in other EU markets; data analysis; Business Development implementation; market research) who we work with when appropriate.